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Dhyāna - mastering the mind

cale vāte calam cittam, niścale niścalam bhavet |                                       yogī sthānutvamāpnoti tato vayum nirodhayet  || Hathayogaprādīpika 2:2                                  "when the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when still, so is still and the yogin obtains the power of stillness"

Meditation or dhyāna, - has many forms, to succeed in any one, it is best to be led by a teacher - someone who can guide us to our goal. In yoga meditation arises through the practice of prānāyāma - and is its preparation.

Meditation ...Step by Step

These online courses will establish you on a solid foundation through breath work - only then can the different ways of meditation be explored using tools, an object, or sound or a visualisation.

Each class will build on the previous one, students will be encouraged to practice between classes.

Taught in private 1-2-1 lessons online.

Meditation Course 1 : a step by step method to steady the mind, quieting its activities; preparing for meditative practice. Students then introduced to different forms of breath work.                                             No previous experience is needed.   Weekly classes. 

Meditation Course 2 :  for those who completed Course 1, or have ease in prānāyāma. Students will explore in more depth other methods for meditation including, use of object, sound and visualisation.  Completion of Course 1.    Classes every 2 weeks.

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