Sound and Silence

As a Vedic Chant teacher I am transmitting sounds that reach back to ancient time. These chants have been transferred from teacher to student. 

The use of sound as a tool of yoga allows students to enjoy the benefits of yoga in a new way. Chanting can enrich a practice at both physical and mental levels. For some it is a form of deep meditation. It can be integrated into a practice through asana, or posture work, pranayama or breath work.

Alternatively it can be a discrete practice. The way it is applied will depend on the individual student's practice and their particular inclinations.

Chanting is especially useful as a tool for yoga therapy, where chants may be used when there is severe physical restriction or movement is limited. In some instances the most powerful form of chanting is mental or 'silent chant'.

The Potency of Sound

The use of sound within the tradition of Krishnamacharya originates with the Vedas, an ancient collection of Sanskrit works created over a period of time. These texts were the preserve of certain lineages and traditionally communicated down the male line. In the last century Krishnamacharya is credited with restoring the practice of chanting to women.

For those students who wish to explore chanting either as part of their yoga practice, or to delve deeper into Vedic chant, I suggest that one to one tuition is the most effective way to do this. 

Individual chanting lessons are available online using Skype for those who do not live locally. 


"I started practising yoga with Celeste after suffering work related stress. My goals were to calm my mind and increase my range of movement and overall flexibility. I had never practised yoga previously and was open minded about its potential benefits. Celeste introduced me to postures which improved my overall strength and flexibility, and yogic techniques to calm my mind. The emphasis is always on doing things properly, in a way which is appropriate for me, taking time to absorb and master new techniques. Through sustained practice I am now in a totally different place to where I was a year ago, and have moved beyond the healing aspects of yoga to a daily practice which has become an important part of my life. I would recommend Celeste to people who are both new to yoga and want to establish a well grounded, high quality practice, as well as those who have previous experience with yoga. Her teaching and approach will add value in either situation. Thank you Celeste.” Mike L.